I spent two weeks at the Baltic Sea in an old house - a Reetdachkate - which was build more than 200 years ago. Living in a big city like Berlin I was really looking forward to my stay because I wanted to take some nature shots. I was a bit nervous if I really have the eye for this kind of shots. Looking at the photos I must say I´m satisfied. Some shots turned out really good. Some I was really thinking that they rock are crap. But this is not my fault. I got a Horizon Perfekt as birthday gift during my stay but unfortunately the adjustment of the exposure setting wheel was wrong. So shooting 1/500 meant actually shooting at 1/250 and 1/250 meant 1/125 and so on. As we all know slide film doesn´t pardon such mistakes and that´s why many shots are terribly overexposed. That is indeed very annoying as those were holiday shots meaning memories.

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